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Bargain Details - BJ's Wholesale Club One Year Membership for $20

It has been a long time since Groupon had a membership deal for a wholesale store.

Today's deal is a One Year Membership to BJ's Wholesale Club for $20. Along with this promotion, new members will get a bunch of $5-off coupons toward various food items, mostly chicken and sausage products (see the deal info for details), all coupons expire June 30.

Shopping at BJ's online & in-store requires membership.

To get the deal,
  1. Find your local BJ's locations, and see if one would be convenient for you.
  2. Read the "Need to Know" section on the Groupon page. Some BJ's locations will not work with this promotion, including the Pensacola, FL; Chesterfield, MI; Madison Heights, MI; and Taylor, MI locations.
  3. Buy the Groupon deal. A voucher will be added to your Groupon account.
  4. Your purchased voucher must be redeemed for a BJ's one year membership by May 5, or you will forfeit the promotion.
Normal price for membership is $55 per year.

After you first year, you account will be auto-renewed at the regular $55/year price unless you cancel the auto-renewal.

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