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Bargain Details - Eufy Robot Vacuum for $149 or $179


First-time shoppers on Google Shopping can get Plus tax.

Use a credit card and Google account that have not previously been used to make a purchase through Google Shopping.

Normally about $199 and up. It's about half the price of an iRobot vacuum, and has mostly excellent reviews.

The main difference between the 11S and the 30C models are the Wifi connectivity. The 30C lets you use voice-control and schedule/operate your vacuum from your Android, iOS device, and smart speaker. The 11S uses an IR remote. The 30C also works with boundary strips, marking no-clean zones for areas near pet food bowls and children's play areas.

If you are not a first-time shopper on Google Shopping, Amazon has them for $149 and $179 with Prime delivery.

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