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Bargain Details - Thinkpad T490 14" Touch-Screen Laptop and $400 Credit for $1149

Lenovo is selling their Thinkpad T490 14-Inch Laptop through their Rakuten store for $1,149, same price as Rakuten is giving 35% credit after purchase, which is $402.15 credit.

The laptop has very good specs for the price: 14-inch IPS multi-touch touch-screen 1080p display, Core i7-8665U CPU, 16GB memory (upgradeable to 24GB), and 512GB SSD.

They are selling other laptops on Rakuten as well, many with 20% to 28% credit after purchase. For example, a Thinkpad L390 Yoga 13" Laptop with Touchscreen and i5 CPU is $699, and Rakuten gives $181 credit after purchase. Only 8GB memory and 128GB SSD included, but this model lets you upgrade the memory and disk yourself. Use the Rakuten credit to buy a Samsung 1TB SSD with built-in hardware encryption, and get 32GB RAM from Newegg, upgrade the laptop with a screwdriver and guitar picks, and you've got a great personal laptop for under $850 that would have normally cost over $1400.

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