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Bargain Feeder™ RSS Feeds

The Bargain Feeder™ service offers several ways that you can leverage RSS feeds to help your save time and ultimately money. There are two primary RSS feeds offered: the latest bargains and hot bargains.

Subscribe to the Latest Bargains RSS Feed Latest Bargains RSS

Subscribe to Hot Bargains RSS Feed Hot Bargains RSS

You can also easily subscribe to any of the feeds offered by the top bargain sites that we use to find you the best bargains.

And if you're searching for a bargains on using the Bargain Feeder™ service, you can subscribe to your search by clicking on orange RSS feed icon RSS Feed. Alternatively, if you're a Bargain Feeder™ member, and it's free to sign up, you can easily create and manage your own RSS feeds.

To learn more about RSS feeds, please visit the Bargain Feeder™ service help page on RSS feeds.